6 Important SEO Tools That Will Improve Your Rankings

It’s no secret that you need the right tools when you are running an SEO campaign. SEO tools are more than necessary. They help you analyze your competitors, uncover winning opportunities, improve your content, and more.

Without them, you won’t be able to achieve the goals you have for your business website.

Are you looking to boost your visibility and appear on top of search results? If you’re not sure which SEO tools to use, you don’t need to worry because I’ve prepared a list for you.

I’ve personally tried and tested the effectiveness of these tools. I’m sure you’ll love them. Why don’t you go ahead and check them out?

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1. Moz Open Site Explorer


What Moz Open Site Explorer does is that it shows you the number of links that point back to your site and where they come from. That way, you will know whether your links come from good or spammy sites.

Another way to use Moz is to check your top competitors’ backlinks. This is a good strategy that will help you uncover terms they rank for.

You can also come up with a plan to outrank them by acquiring links from the sites that link to them and more sites that haven’t through guest posting.

2. Majestic

Popularly used among SEO professionals and online marketers, Majestic specializes in analyzing your backlinks.

What makes this tool different from Moz Pro Open Site Explorer is that it’s more accurate and specific in checking your site’s metrics. That includes your Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), and anchor texts.

Take note that Majestic is not an all-in-one tool. It does not give you information about your rank or position on SERPs. However, it’s great for doing competition analysis.

3. SE Ranking

If you’re looking for a simple-to-use SEO tool to check the ranking positions of your keywords in search engines, make SE Ranking your top choice.

Another aspect of this tool that you’ll love is its ability to audit your site and make recommendations that are easy to follow. However, the number of pages that are scanned will be limited by the plan you sign up for.

SE Ranking is also great for discovering your competitors’ keywords in paid search results. You’ll be able to discover top performing ads so you can outrank them in case you run an advertising campaign.

4. Fiverr

While relying on SEO tools is a must, at times you’ll be needing help from people who can streamline your SEO campaign for you.

At one point, you’ll need to outsource some tasks which you cannot fulfill yourself. Fiverr is a trusted online marketplace where you can find freelancers with various SEO skills.

Services range from SEO consultation to building quality backlinks and creating SEO-optimized website content.

5. ExpiredDomains.net

One of the ways to improve your search rankings is to build a private blog network (PBN). This is a network of domains with good metrics that point back to your main website.

To find expired domains that amp up your website, check out ExpiredDomains.net. There, you’ll find thousands of domains that haven’t been renewed everyday. As the saying goes, a man’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Buying expired domains is better than purchasing new ones since their backlinks are still live. However, be very careful to get ones that won’t get your site penalized. Use the previous SEO tools I mentioned to check an expired domain’s metrics.

6. Archive.org

When starting a private blog network, it’s important to know how your expired domains looked like before you buy them.

By using Archive.org, you’ll be able to tell whether the domains you are about to buy from ExpiredDomains.net are spammy or not.

This is a practical and free way to avoid wasting your money on domains that aren’t worth it. In my experience of creating PBNs, I was able to detect a number of domains that used to have explicit content and avoid them.

Final Word

Start using these SEO tools to drive more targeted traffic to your site and skyrocket your rankings.

There are still plenty of tools you can use but the ones I’ve listed here will help you eliminate manual tasks that take so much of your time. And since I’m using them for my organic campaigns, you can trust that they’re effective.

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