Rank Your Page Goals for a Great 2018

2017 has been a HUGE one for everybody at Rank Your Page. 😀

We finally launched our website, this website, after a couple of meetings that revolved around these things:

  • What Rank Your Page is going to be about
  • How we can provide value to you
  • Our website layout
  • The topics we’re going to tackle
  • And so on…

And then we just got started. Here we are, still with a few pieces of published content (we need to work on a content schedule) BUT definitely with BIGGER dreams for the future.

The fact that we finally started a presence even without extreme planning has set us off on a path where we can make a difference in our lives and you, our dear readers. 

You might be wondering who’s behind Rank Your Page. We are actually a team of three freelancers with several years of experience working online.

Glenn for web design, Charles for SEO, and Joy for content marketing – that’s me.

Like the dissatisfied worker who hates his cubicle, wants to get out of the rat race and ditch the 9-5, we wanted to OWN our dreams. That meant having a website of our own so we can share our unique skills with the world – without being under the supervision of “bosses.”

But don’t get us wrong…

The overall reason why we started Rank Your Page is to help eager entrepreneurs grow a thriving business.

After all, a successful business website needs to have a good site structure, follow the best SEO practices, and provide value to prospects through compelling content.

So now we share our goals for 2018…

As the New Year rolls around, Glenn, Charles and I are eager to make 2018 a blast to Rank Your Page. Here are the 7 things we want to accomplish over the next 12 months.

1. Mind our health.

You know the adage, health is wealth. With an active body and a healthy mind, we can definitely feel better about ourselves and have more energy to get things done.

Health can mean different things to different people. What might work for one may not be applicable to another. So here’s what ours looks like:

  • Get outside more often. As one-man armies stuck to our desks, we’re prone to having mental fatigue. Exposing ourselves to the great outdoors boosts our creative thinking. The benefits increase if we couple that time spent outdoors with exercise. Whether it’s jogging or walking, it doesn’t matter. 🙂

  • Swap one meal with something plant-based. This one’s simpler than going full vegan. If we had the plan to do so anyway, then this would make a great start. So why plant-based? Basically, because more greens decrease our risk for diseases! Eating greens also mean fewer calories.
  • Keep our workspaces clean. Do you get the notion that disorganized workspaces reveal hard work and creativity? The opposite is actually true. The overwhelming sight of candy wrappers and crumpled papers increases your stress hormone cortisol.

2. Promote, promote, promote.

One of the areas in Rank Your Page that needs improvement is promotion. We admit we haven’t really planned out exactly how or how often to reach our core audience.

If you’re like us, then 2018 must be the year you double time on content promotion. That’s what we’re going to do: Get the word out more often. We read Derek Halpern’s Pareto Principle of growing a blog audience.

The rule states that you spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. We couldn’t agree more. As a content writer, I know how it feels to have spent hours painstakingly writing a blog post that would only gather dust!

So to maximize every winning piece of content we create, we’re going to get more eyeballs on that. Our strategies?

Share our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Grab content syndication opportunities on LinkedIn and Medium. Send updates to our email list.

3. Create great content.

Investing more efforts in content promotion doesn’t mean we’re taking content creation for granted. Content is extremely vital. Even if we’re able to cast our nets far and wide, our content won’t generate engagement if it isn’t our best.

For us and the target audience we serve, great content that attracts traffic, makes readers feel something, drives action, and improves SEO, has this number one quality:

Long form. 

We hear a lot of buzz around content length. Jeff Goins of Goins Writer is all for brevity as long as it’s high in quality. On the other hand, Neil Patel loves 2,000+ word blog posts.

There’s nothing wrong about short-form or long-form content as long as they deliver value. However, our team here at Rank Your Page has decided to go all the way in. We would rather dig deeper.

Shorter posts, in general, do not cover a topic in detail. Eager readers want to learn as much as they can, and that’s what we aim to provide – immense value. A deeper understanding of what works in building an online business.

Longer content also gives us an edge over other blogs that publish 500-word posts. We rank for more keywords, especially long-tail and LSI.

And while long content is definitely way harder and more time-consuming to write, the results are worthwhile. We also get the chance to repurpose it – turn a long post into an ebook chapter or podcast.

4. Thrive, not starve.

As an entrepreneur who works from home, you either thrive or starve. The thing about winning is that it is a daily process. Every single day, and multiple times in a day, we must place our attention on the mini-goals we want.

And we do that without overwhelming ourselves.

For example, since one of our goals is to create great content, what can we do each day to publish at least one powerful blog post per week? That’s to spend a few hours writing hundreds of words until we hit the mark.

Let’s say 500 words today. Another set of 500 tomorrow. Then the next day and the day that follows. We have that desire to thrive. Thriving means getting to work and reminding ourselves that inactivity doesn’t get any vote.

Strive for growth. Seek to see progress and make it happen.

5. Dedicate time to learning.

We can’t see why continuous learning shouldn’t be one of our long-term goals. To be able to move forward, it’s important to always be a student of life. Oftentimes we strongly believe in something in business only to find out that there are far more truths to learn.

Thinking that a new lesson is too inconvenient to learn will be a loss on your end especially if it helps your online business.

Here at Rank Your Page, we open ourselves to more learning opportunities. We could be reading entrepreneurship books, listening to podcast episodes and watching tutorial videos while falling in line at the grocery or waiting for our kids to finish class.

When you invest time (it doesn’t have to be hours) in personal development, you acquire more skills and improve your attitude towards your business.

Again, there’s no need to overwhelm yourself. You can still acquire new knowledge by scheduling even small amounts of time for it. We would rather grab opportunities for refueling our entrepreneurial passion than waste time paying attention to pranks on YouTube.

If one of us at Rank Your Page learns something new, we would love to share it with the rest of the team. And to you as well!

6. Look for tools to simplify work.

What tools do you have in your marketing arsenal? A few months back, we listed top tools we use for SEO.

Come 2018, we’ll expand our list to include tools for content creation and marketing – and include tons of free ones for your reference as well.

If you want to streamline your online tasks, maximize the tools at your disposal. Whether these tools are free or paid, they should help increase your productivity.

7. Achieve work-life balance.

Work-life balance. This is a huge topic among entrepreneurs like us who work from home. We spend hours working on our laptops, preparing meals, and doing the laundry.

Because of this constant task switching, it can be difficult to establish a clear boundary between work and personal life. A few days ago, we decided among ourselves how we would successfully devote our time to work and family while not missing out.

Here are the strategies we came up with.

  • Use a dedicated space. We used to work from our living room sofa or kitchen table. This time, we’re dedicating a special area for work. It doesn’t have to be a room; a quiet corner with a chair and desk allows us to feel the weight of our work. When we’re in our workspace, we know it’s time to really focus.
  • Be present during non-work hours. It’s no fun having a spouse or parent constantly checking emails and work notifications during his or her off time. Make the most out of your moments with your loved ones because you’re never going to bring back lost time.
  • Celebrate the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are yours, so own them. Remind yourself that you’re running a business to build the best life ever, not to be a slave to your job.

There you go, Rank Your Page’s resolutions for 2018. We hope for an amazing new year. Have you set your goals as well? Even the smallest goals can bring about huge changes in your business. Don’t just create a plan; put everything into action!

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